Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And yet why not?

One of a most important talents a ruler must have, especially one like what I am to become, is to understand the underlying cause of unrest in populations that are to be subjugated and controlled. So all of you whiners, I admit my rebuke of you was what you probably found to be harsh or mean.

But was that not the point, to show you the failure of your whimpering ways? Did not the Emperor, blessed be his name that no one knows but a whole bunch of monks in power armor will kill to defend, show us in his perfect example that such faithlessness is to be addressed and if need be, punished, burned, slandered, burned again, lied about, and finally.... well lets hope you never find out what happens when you get to finally.

And with an intellect as advanced as one such as mine, I can see what your hearts are going to say. "I have a few beefs in the Imperium of man, and the biggest one is the amount of of Space Marines in comparison to the lowly Imperial Guardsmen. It should be.... what, about a few billion to one in the normal humans favor? Have you been to a gaming night lately? It is usually two to one if you count any non Space Marine, such as Eldar, Nids, Crons, Orks and even Squats as the I.G. (that's short for Imperial Guard, not Immobilized German made vehicle, like those ever so cute Volvo types. I am not saying they are always immobilized, but lets face it, one shot with a Melta and they roll over like a pig in the mud!). They should make it a law that for every marine kit you buy you have to also buy at least twice as many I. G. kits as well."

Now before you all raise your voices in praise and agreement with the afore mentioned heretical idea, know that I have personally sent boys into the front lines of an Ork invasion for less and made sure to shoot any who came back alive!

And for one more clarification, I did like Chronopia, I merely brought it up to gage your character and dependability. You failed.


  1. Wow I didn't know you were such a writer. I do have a question though. Who were you talking to? And are you trying to infer that you play ? I guess that was two questions. Oh well I hope your brain can cope with such stress from the large request.

  2. Up and coming High Lord Salis was talking to the general population that always complains when an army they don't have gets a book that makes it 'better' than it used to be. In a weird way I was talking to myself because there are a few ideas in that post that I do actually agree with, like how it is annoying to play against Space Marines most of the time.

    As for your second question I guess I was infering that I play 40k... if that is what you were asking.

    Overall I am just having fun acting like a 40K big wig, passing judgement on the masses of lesser players who do not have the full understanding and zeal that I, the great and humble Salis has.

  3. Okay, I get it now. I really wish I had your creative writing skills. My posts with be a whole lot more entertaining.

  4. It just takes a bit of practice. Because I am a creative writing major I have a lot of it. And I find your blog to be cooler than mine so I would not worry too much about making it entertaining.

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