Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Great Devourer!

As I found myself with a rare amount of spare time (ruling the Imperium is no small time consumer) I decided to try some new painting styles and as I have been studying the Tyranids as of late, I decided that the miniature representations deserved to be taken out of their stasis bins and given a new coat of paint. The old style of their painting was similar to that of simply painting them black and then melting red, yellow and green crayons all over them and I must admit (only ever so slightly) that they looked... a bit... under painted and shoddy.

I started out by repriming Tyranid warriors in a color called Almond, although it is more of a simple off or dirty white, and then started to experiment with dipping them in different colors of extremely watered down paint, such as black and different shades of brown. In the end a color of brown was selected to be the dominant color of their cursed and alien hides. The carapace plates were then painted black and then some where highlighted with gray and others where highlighted with green.

The Gene Stealers where not painted with black as I wanted to keep only the larger bugs looking like they were highly armored. I have not decided yet if I want to paint the carapace of the smaller Gaunts or leave them white as I did with the legendary Stealers (if any of you peons dare think of this a mire laziness I will surely find you and teach you the true meaning of the Emperor's wrath! I am only thinking of this as an artistic choice!)

So now I turn to you, my faithful and observant servants. Which color scheme do you think looks better to field on our simulation tables? Remember to calculate this well, for if you fail me you will never be given the ability to fail ever again.

Oh and if you, as a mass of degenerate human bile, ever start to think that it is impossible for one such as I, who am so physically and mentally above you, cannot relate or understand you and your infernal pleas for guidence, just look at some of the data scans I let you behold with your unworthy eyes and remember that even one such as I still eats pizza, a most holy and blessed source of nutrition. Praise be the Emperor for bestowing upon us such a wonderful food.

Your ever just and understanding Up and Coming High Lord Salis.

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